Baby Products: The Advice You Shouldn’t Take

People will give endless advice about what to do and which products to use when expecting a new baby or parenting in general. Many people who have been parents in previous generations are accustomed to a certain way of thinking about products and are often not educated about the new information that has come to light.

It is important for parents to see the value of eliminating the carcinogens and toxins from their lifestyle wherever applicable. Proplyene Glycol is used in the fluid required for de-icing planes in bad weather but can also be found in mainstream brand baby wipes. 1,4 dioxane is a chemical that is never listed as an ingredient on produdownload-images-of-healthy-food-for-babies-6852-600x600cts but can it can be assumed to be found in most household beauty and hygiene supplies with ingredients ending in e, t and h.

Elders often suggest the use of baby oil and antibacterials as the most effective methods because they are the most historical and widely used but these aren’t the best products for babies. Baby oil is made from the same mineral oils found in gas and acts like a sealant on the skin, crippling the skin’s ability to release toxins that can be harmful to the body.

There are numerous natural options like coconut oil making it easy for any parent to make the switch away from using mineral oils. Antibacterial soaps, gels or washes may seem like a good idea given the germs that are created by children, but those gels contain toxins such as triscolan which contributes negatively to global warming, and works as a transport for carcinogens through the skin and into the endocrine system.

In recent years, the unveiling of numerous chemicals as toxins and carcinogens in baby products has become a larger threat to communities and future generations. The importance of avoiding carcinogens and toxins in baby products cannot be stressed enough as it is vital to the future health and success of all children that illness causing products are avoided and taken out of the marketplace.