Baby Products: The Harmful Chemicals You Don’t Want To Buy

Marketing is a large part of the profit for companies that provide products for infants and babies. Creating an imagined need for a baby product is much easier as new parents naturally feel the need to ensure their children’s needs are always met. Investing in advertisement works very well for companies when they are able to create an imagined situation where a product would memotherticklingbaby-825x496et the needs of a child. This imagined situation of not having what a child needs or causing distress by not having the proper products is a fear that every parents hopes to avoid.

You’ll find a variety of categorizing, labeling and small differentiations between products when browsing through the baby section. Talc or Talc Free? Fragrant or Unscented? What does paraben free mean and what are carcinogens? These are just some examples of keywords written across the baby and infant products that are available today.

Talc is a powdered mineral that was added to baby powder in order to help keep things dry and pull the moisture away. If everyone listened to their parents or grandparents advice about child rearing, this would be bought in bulk by all new parents but recent research shows the minerals can cause irritation to the lungs and contain substances capable of causing cancer. Carcinogens is the word for describing dangerous, cancer causing substances. If research suggest carcinogens are found in a product, it might be best to avoid it.

Fragrance is one of the least valuable chemicals and its use can be easily avoided by purchasing unscented product options. You will want to stay away from anything that contains parabens. Parabens are everywhere but when exposed to larger quantities the symptoms are skin irritation, reproductive problems and hormone issues. Watch for these in soaps and personal hygiene products. Educating yourself on the more recent research about dangerous chemicals has become one of the most important parts of being a parent.