Eating Organic: Grocery Store Produce You Should Avoid

Pesticides are some of the most damaging toxins for people to be ingesting and the grocery store produce has been covered in these toxins for years. If looking to get lucky, organic food is much like online gambling lifestyle where all the choice is in your hands. There are some tips and tricks about grocery store produce to ensure you are ingesting the least amount of toxins due to pesticides. Read up on all the amazing ways that organic foods will make you feel like a big time winner. Similar to online gambling, a strategic system has been developed establishing which fruits and vegetables that have the highest levels of pesticides when bought straight off of the grocery store shelves. There are referred to as the dirty dozen and when living organically they are the produce products that should be purchased from an organic retailer or company.

When researchers looked at non organic retailers, celery was the vegetable that had the most traces of pesticides with peaches coming in second and strawberries in third. Buying produce out of season will only increase the levels of toxins on the vegetables so it would be smart to buy when the produce is at maximum capacity. It is easy to assume a fruit or vegetable is out of season if there are very few available and the price is higher than usual.

Blueberries, nectarines, sweet bell peppers, spinach, cherries, kale, potatoes and grapes are the fruits and vegetables that finish off the dirty dozen, and are worth the consideration of purchasing from organic retailers as opposed to a regular grocery store.

Purees should be made for infants using different organic options instead of store bought canned baby foods that contain a mixture of chemicals and preservatives. There are also a number of companies that provide baby food in 100% organic options in order to alleviate some of the leg work of making all of your baby food from scratch. Living organically requires constant observation and assessment of choices especially in regards to ingesting pesticides, toxins, preservatives and other chemicals.