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Organic Bath Time

Organic Bath Time

Organic Bath Time

Make your baby's bathtime healthy for them and be eco friendly, too, with our range of organic and eco friendly baby bath products.

SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulphate or similar sounding chemicals such as sodium laurel sulphate) is the foaming agent used in just about everything in your bathroom. Check it out on their lists of ingredients. Many people find that it is the cause of their dry skin and it can even trigger skin conditions. Certainly anyone with eczema or similar skin conditions should remove it as a priority. All our baby bath products are organic AND SLS free. Parabens is also a very common component in bathroom products. There have been links showing parabens to be carcenogenic, so it's vital that your baby stays away from them - and again you'll not find a trace of it in our lovely organic baby bath products.

Fairtrade and organic cotton towels, washcloths and cotton wool mean that your clean baby is snuggled in clean and ethical cotton, and our soft, sustainably produced wooden hairbrushes are as easy on the planet as they are on your baby's head, and when your little one's teeth start to arrive, we have our mandarin toothpaste which is free from sls and fluoride.

Our SPF25 Suncream and our aftersun are made from organic ingredients and are gentle on even the most ultra sensitive skin. Of course covering up is always the best way, but our suncream is also suitable from birth. Our aftersun containing aloe vera and calendula also makes an excellent multi purpose moisturiser for sensitive skin.