Organic Babies: Growing Up Green

Looking through baby products can leave anyone baffled at the products that they have available for purchase and the different ways that these products are being marketed. The job of being a parent or caretaker is overwhelming for anyone especially in today’s consumer industry. It doesn’t matter how many children you have because the quality, availability and requirements for baby products is constantly changing. Don’t be fooled into thinking yobabies & children logou need it all when you’re sifting through the abundance of toys, remedies and different products available for infants and children.

Integrating into the world with an organic lifestyle can be difficult so parents have to choose their battles when it comes to having their children grow up green. Attending daycare, school and extra curricular will leave any child exposed to mild levels of toxins which is inevitable to avoid. The job of the parent, in regards to toxins, is to ensure that the child is never exposed to harmful levels of such every day chemicals. If parents focus their attention to the products that they can control, the list of required organic items will dwindle down to the clothes, bedding, bath time, medicine, toys, shoes and other novelties making green living much more manageable.

In order for organic parents to overcome the inability for companies to divulge valuable information about their products they must completely boycott the company. Parents cannot take the risk of exposing their children to harmful levels of toxins by purchasing items from companies with zero assurance that their products are truly organic items. There are specific companies that should be avoided for infant care because they have shown a specific history of protecting their processes and ingredients. Getting educated on which toxins and companies to be aware of is the first step to growing up green. Finding one, loyal provider of truly organic products for your baby is a smart and safe way to ensure that as a parent, you are avoiding the exposure to harmful levels of chemicals in your environment.