Organic Parents: A Safe & Stimulating Space for Baby

Nesting is a natural phase for many pregnant women where they have the urge to create a beautiful, comfortable room just for their baby. Parents and caretakers will naturally go through this nesting phase a few more times with their children as they grow and develop through the course of their lives. Developingorganic-vegetables-reduce-pregnancy-pre-eclampsia-risk-research_strict_xxl a beautiful physical space is exciting and often extremely gratifying when considered alongside the aspects of safety and stimulation.

In order to ensure the most effective space for positive growth, it is important to use all natural paint and avoid the extreme toxicity of regular paint fumes. A mix of wax, tree resins, china clay and plant oils is the perfect combination for coating your walls with non toxic colors and is now available from a number of organic paint companies.

Maintaining an only cotton wardrobe will keep toxins out of your bedrooms and contribute to a smaller carbon footprint being a much more environmentally friendly option than other fabrics. Choose a part of the room to keep in black and white, at least for the first few months after you bring the baby home. Babies cannot see any color in the first few months of life making painting patterns and designs in grey scale a great idea for creating a vivid environment for your baby.

Wooden toys are available in all shapes, sizes and age ranges to replace all of the plastic toys out on the market. Make sure your furniture is all wooden with no plastic parts to avoid bringing any hidden toxins or carcinogens into your safe space. Mattresses are another piece of furniture that should be researched especially if you choose to co sleep with your baby. There are multiple design elements to go along with each stage of development for your child. Organic parents have developed some of the most beautiful, inspiring and safe spaces for their babies to grow.