Why Eating Organic Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

In many respect, most of the modern healthy diets, for both parents and children, represent a return to traditional ways of eating that were the only ways even as little as a hundred years ago. Only a few generations back, almost everyone with a patch of land was growing fruits and vegetables, kept their own chickens, and preserved their own harvests for winter.

Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft who has also founded the Gates Foundation which focuses on reducing the levels of poverty and improving human lives all over the world.

According to Gates, after all the research that he has done on the subject, including visiting the sites with quality seo.hosting, he has concluded that the best thing people can do to get out of poverty and be healthier is to raise chickens.

In the past, what people couldn’t produce themselves they could find locally. Transportation that could allow people to ship goods between distant parts of the world did not existed. Today, people are also starting to realise that buying organic foods locally contributes to the local economy and helps save the environment because buying local means not polluting the planet by transporting something from far away.

Many farmers’ markets in large metropolitan cities are similar to the markets from several centuries ago where some people sell fresh catches of fish, local bakeries are selling artisanal bread, and farmers sell fruits and vegetables.

Today, in the Western countries, there is more food available than people can eat, which is why people waste so much food. People go to these local supermarkets, buy food in plastic containers and bring it home in plastic bags. They then stick the food into a microwave and kill all the remaining nutrients before putting the meals on the table. If you want to eat healthy, raise healthy children and contribute to the environment, you need to be doing things very differently.